Big Data Architect

Position: Big Data Architect (with Kafka)
Location: Chandler, AZ
Duration: 6+ months
Project Summary: Architecture, Design and Proof of Concepts.
  • Architecture and design of large programs
  • Lead the team and take responsibility of overall deliverables
  • Analyze, Design, support SIT, UAT, PFIX
  • Create Proof of Concept/Technology as required
Technical Skills - In Detail
? Good understanding of Data pipeline including Extraction, acquisition, transformation and visualization
? Prior experience working with RBDMS and Big data distributions
? Experience with requirements gathering, systems development, systems integration and designing/developing API
? Experience with Linux and shell programming
? Experience with frameworks like Anaconda and developing ETL using PySpark on any major Big Data distributions
? Good understanding of XML processing using Python,Spark RDD and dataframes
? Performance tuning, unit testing and integration testing
? Excellent communication and articulation skills
? Self starter and ability to work in dynamic and agile environment
? Experience of working with Hadoop ecosystem? MapReduce, Hive, HBase
? Experience of working with at least one NoSQL database like C , MongoDB
  • Experience of designing for scale with considerations like sharding.
  • Experience of various types of queries ? structured, proximity, relevance and query DSL
  • Data modelling with various hierarchies? Nested, Parent-child and schema
  • Understanding of ES analyzers and their use
  • Experience in design Kafka topics, partitioning and topic hierarchies
  • Experience of various Kafka consumers and Kafka-SQL
Experience Level: Minimum 10 years

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