Business Intelligence/ETL Developer

Company Name:
Start date: ASAP
Salary period: Annual
SalaryAdditional: Base salary + Bonus + Relocation
Full-time hire with client in Chandler, Arizona.
Bachelor's Degree 4 years experience as a Microsoft DBA 4 years experience using ELT tools (they use/prefer MicroStrategy) to move and transform data from source systems to a data warehouse
Work with the Business Intelligence Architect to implement data strategies, build data flows, and develop physical databases in support of Business Intelligence needs. Be proactive to size and tune Business Intelligence databases and Servers to provide the performance required to meet business specifications. Responsible for designs and coordination of the monitoring of Business Intelligence databases and Servers to ensure data integrity, security, patching, and routine maintenance. Utilizes ETL or ELT tools to transform and move data from source systems to a BI data warehouse

Don't Be Fooled

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