Software Developer

Company Name:
Net Android Corp
Meet with management to gather and evaluate requirements and from requirements develop specifications pertaining to the development of hospitalist IQ (application licensed to hospitals to manage patient data). From specifications analyze and design technical specifications that meet requirements. Participate in the full development cycle including analysis, design, development, testing, implementation and documentation of required web based Internet compliant applications in a secure and robust environment utilizing JAVA J2EE, Ajax, and dhtmlxsuite (for front end development), Spring (for backend), Hibernate (tool used to connect applications to the database) and web services (methodology used to develop interfaces between applications). Provide ongoing enhancement and maintenance of completed applications. Provide client support.
Requires a Master's Degree in Computer Science or Computer Applications and 1 year of experience. In lieu of, will accept a Bachelor's Degree and 5 years of progressive experience, or any suitable combination of education, training or experience thereof. No less than a Bachelor's Degree and 5 years of progressive experience is accepted.
Job Site: Chandler, AZ
(X) Full Time Hours: 40 Scheduled Days: Monday Friday

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