Data Center Operator

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Paul Romanek's Company
ITAS is looking to hire a Data Center Operator. This is an entry-level contract position with the option to hire. This position may require nights and weekends. ITAS offers a completive workspace with the option of receiving training and certifications related to the IT industry.
Data Center Operators at ITAS are responsible for the installation and maintenance of data center computers and supporting equipment. The personnel in this role use their knowledge of computer systems and data center operations to keep the server environment running at optimal levels needed to make ITAS are the best in the nation. They test and evaluate systems to eliminate problems and make improvements.

The Data Center Operator may also be responsible for the maintenance of related equipment. The Data Center Operator has demonstrated technical expertise, a record of successful projects and satisfied clients, an ability to understand and articulate customer needs, and a history of taking initiative.

Perform installations, moves, adds and changes in accordance with defined procedures.
Disconnect servers if necessary.
Install hardware at the appropriate site in accordance with the approved schedule.
Install additional approved hardware and software.
Conduct performance and functional testing on hardware and software, including
System Software, prior to implementing in a production environment.
De-install and remove displaced hardware as required.
Sanitize and dispose of de-commissioned hardware in accordance with the defined procedures.
Perform proactive fault detection and diagnostic procedures.
Monitor events according to defined processes and procedures.
Notify Service Desk of known issues detected in monitored environments.
Support data purge and archiving in accordance with defined procedures.
Perform backups as scheduled per defined procedures.
Perform ad-hoc requested backups.
Maintain logs of all backups and restores performed.
Perform data restore / data recovery as required.
Delete data in accordance with defined procedures.
Execute batch jobs in accordance with the schedule.
Monitor jobs and any change of operation mode.
Provide schedule status updates and reporting.
Monitor for job completion or failure and follow defined Incident Management process to document and report them.
Perform restarts.
Respond to all tape (or alternative media) mount requests ("Tape Mounts").
Maintain integrity of tape (or alternative media) library system.
Identify all tapes (or alternative media) to support the tracking of the physical media with operating system version, database version and software version.
Maintain the catalog of the physical media with operating system version, database version and software version.
Monitor tape (or alternative media) hardware for problems and malfunctions.
Other location specific duties or other activities may be assigned

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