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As a senior member of the WLAN product technology group, you will be responsible for architecture definition of next generation microcontroller and micro-processor SoC(s) with WiFi/Network connectivity. You will explore relevant ULP technologies and architecture concepts, performance and cost considerations and integrate them into innovative, cohesive architecture definitions. In addition, developing detailed design objective specifications will be one of the primary key responsibilities. The output of this effort will provide critical input into the design teams to design, implement, and stream out the Chip. The candidate will work on ultra-low power designs relevant to 802.x based wireless products. Work with application team, Software Architects, and Marketing team to evaluate future ULP SoC trends with WiFi/Network connectivity. Must be a team player, self-motivated with excellent communication skills, to work in fast paced challenging environments and work with cross-functional teams.

Developing efficient architecture/micro-architecture of and ASIC/SoC designs. Area of focus would be network connectivity and microprocessor, microcontroller SoC(s)
Collaborate/coordinate with SW/Apps team to come up with the basic design requirements
Define/architect the SoC bus fabric and inter-processor communication techniques, cache coherency requirements, host interfaces, and peripherals required
Writing out detailed architecture/micro-architecture design objective specifications, product briefs, and summary documents
Participate in SoC modeling to avoid expensive Silicon re-spins
Participate in IP evaluation and feature discussions like DDR/SDRAM controllers and high end host interfaces
Coordinating micro-architecture documentation and IP definition to support SoC pipelines
Work with MCU32, MCU16, and MCU8-bit divisions to maintain synergy and re-usability of IP and SoC infrastructures
Work with Applications and SW team closely to ensure that end system objectives are fully covered in the architecture
Understand RTL, C/C++ designs, validation infra-structure, and guide validation activities in the lab to confirm that architectural objectives are met on Silicon

Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering and 6+ years of experience of working on network SoC skills and background with industry experience.
2+ years of experience of SoC, microprocessor, and microcontroller architecture and designs
Experience of working on networked SoC (with WiFi) is a big plus
Working experience in micro-processor/controller architecture/design and strong understanding of MIPS/ARM (RISC) based micro-architectures and bus structures.
Knowledge of AHB/OCP system bus architecture, performance implications, and general micro-architecture concepts.
Experience with embedded peripherals like UART, SPI, SQI, SDIO, DDR/SDRAM, Flash is required, and high-end peripherals like USB3.0, PCIe is a plus
Experience with SoC(s) in 55nm or below technology nodes
Total experience required is typically a BS degree and 12 years of experience, an MS degree 10 and years of experience or a PhD and 8 years of experience or equivalent.

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